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The Finest Juice at the Best Price
Shipped to your door, Every Month, Hassle Free.

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Why not try the best priced Juice on the Net
Just $25 Shipped

The Ecig Juice Club is built of a simple premise.

eCig Juice Club has been sold and will no longer be accepting orders after December 1st, 2013.  Thank you everyone!


How do I get started?

Go to the Shop. Add the Flavor and strength you would like to your cart, and click on checkout at the top right.

How long do I have to sign up for?

You buy only what you want, when you want.  All our bottles are  À la carte.


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in 4 days

About our Juice

eCig Juice Club Liquid is amazing.  The Juice Club flavors have been customed designed by our own passionate staff, with years of experience in the industry, and then contract manufactured for us.

All of our Liquid is 65% VG and 35% PG to ensure the best usability in the widest number of devices.

eCig Juice Club liquids are all contract manufactured at Epic Juice LLC, in Anaheim California, using American made PG and VG.

Nicotine is sourced from India, as there is no source of American extracted nicotine as of yet.  A facility where this can be purchased will be finished some time at the end of 2013.  The highest quality Nicotine is currently produced in India, with Chinese produced nicotine having tested worse.

Bear in mind, many companies source these ingredients on a very small scale from resellers, so they do not know the true origination of their source materials.

eCig Juice Club liquid is batched in a 3 stage clean facility in Anaheim.  Liquid is then kept under refrigeration to prevent any possibility of nicotine break down in advance of the customer receiving their product.

Our products are best used within 6 months of receiving them, with a one year in room temperature acceptable rating.  Keeping any of your eLiquid stored cold (from any maker) will extend the products shelf life.

Still have questions about our products?

“Why aren’t we selling this for more?”

We believe in giving people great product, at great prices and fair returns.  Using technology, quality control and volume, we can get you premium juice for a great price.

A lot of care has gone into selecting these flavors. We truly believe that these are easily all day vaping flavors that you’ll be happy to have month in and month out.

We are located in Long Beach, CA with Satellite offices in Northern California and Liverpool, UK.

Shipping is included at one speed, first class tracked via USPS.

Tracking numbers are sent as soon as they can be, and are updated through the tracking system.

Some shipping happens in cycles (3 days) to make sure our supply chain remains as efficient as possible.

We offer a sample pack, found here.

You can sign up for more than one subscription a month. Simply flow through the checkout again.